Bahama Mama

Bahama Mama

Tropical and dangerously easy to drink


Just one sip and it's as if you're taken away on holiday. This timeless combination of contrasting rum styles with a tasty trio of fruit flavors and just a touch of coffee liqueur makes for a Tiki pick-me-up that tastes just like a tropical sunset.


INGREDIENTS: Dark Carribean Rum, Coconut Rum, Orange and Pineapple Juice, Grenandine Pomegranate Syrup, Coffee Liqueur.



Upon Receipt: Refrigerate and keep away from sunlight.


Rule of Thumb: Drinks containing perishable ingredients (e.g. juice, carbonation) tend to have a limited shelf life as quality will typically begin to decline after several days; Best consumed within 1 week of receipt.


Before Serving: Fill up to 75% of a large glass with ice. [i.e. Mason jar / tumbler, Wine glass or Highball glass]


To Serve: Shake a pre-chilled Bahama Mama bottled mix until its colors blend into one (around 5-10 solid strokes); Pour 120-240 ml into the iced glassware; Add more ice as needed and stir briskly; Garnish with edible bits of fruit (usually an orange wedge and cocktail cherry; but feel free to improvise / go wild…)


For a softer Serve: To lower this cocktail's potency -- aswell as its temperature, simply perform the above steps but with some ice this time. (Keep in mind that this also slightly reduces flavor intensity). Strain the mix over new ice.



250ML bottle make 1-2 cocktail servings. The ideal size for those just getting into cocktails with built-in backup for any emergency situation.


500ML bottle makes 2-4 cocktail servings. Great for social types who care enough to share with others or just oneself (no need to worry, we don't judge) -- this size is prepped for a part. We've included RRR's complimentary Care Pack so you can get into (and spread) all sorts of fun.


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