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Lychee Martini 2.0
  • Lychee Martini 2.0

    Crisp, fruity and easy to drink


    An all-time crowd-pleaser since the early 2000s, the lychee martini remains a bar staple that you can always count on for a good time. Our version combines the clean and crisp notes of Belvedere with hints of sweet lychee and fresh citrus. We don’t call ours the Lychee Martini 2.0 for nothing though — we add Ardbeg Whisky for a surprising touch of smokiness to further elevate this refreshing tipple.


    INGREDIENTS: Premium Vodka, Homemade Lychee Syrup, Fresh Lemon, a bar spoon of Ardbeg Whisky


    INSTRUCTIONS: Serve cold. Pour 100ml from the bottle into a martini glass and add the garnish.



    A 250 ml bottle makes 2 large cocktail servings

    A 500 ml bottles makes 5 standard cocktail servings and comes with our RRR care pack



    Drink garnish

    Our famous RRR coasters

    Limited edition stickers

    A personalised note

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