• Moments

    MOMENTS, we're celebrating the people, places, dishes and traditions that we miss. We recommend drinking them in order.


    1. REMINISCE ~ A play on the all time favourite rum and coke, or if we want to be facy the Cuba Libre. Homemade cola reduction, pairs well the subtle undertones of Don Papa rum, fresh lime and bitters cut through the sweetness to create balance.


    INGREDIENTS : Don Papa Rum 7YO, Homemade Cola Reduction, Fresh Lime, Angustora Bitters


    2. TROPICAL ESCAPE ~ If there is one place we all miss, it's the beach! Pull up a chair, lay a towel, close your eyes and let this drink transport you to the white sandy shores and turqoise blue water. The full body and fruity notes may have you reaching for the sunscreen.


    INGREDIENTS : Don Papa Maskkara, freah pineapple, jackfruit and lime, bitters and aromatics


    3. BETTER DAYS AHEAD ~ Rather than looking back with sadness, let's all look forward to getting back to what we love the most. Light bodied, refreshing and uplifting, this cocktail will get you out of any bad mood.


    INGREDIENTS : Don Papa Maskkara, Cucumber, Mint, Lime



    x3 Run Rabbit Run x Don Papa To-Go Cocktail bottles (200ml)

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