Boozy, complex palate with a balancing note of citrus


    New York City Mixologist David Wondrich wanted to make Manhattans for some friends but all he had in his liquor cabinet that even came close to the necessary ingredients (vermouth and rye) was Irish whiskey and Lillet Blanc—and so the Weeski was born.


    N.B. Somehow finding ourselves in a situation similar to Mr. Wondrich's we discovered that vermouth bianco makes a decent substitute* for Lillet Blanc -- it certainly does in this cocktail at least…


    INGREDIENTS: Jameson Irish Whisky, Vermouth Bianco, Orange Curacao, Orange Bitters, Lemon Zest



    Upon Receipt: Keep refrigerated away from direct sunlight


    Rule of Thumb: Drinks consisting solely of non-perishable ingredients (i.e. spirits, liqueurs, cordials, eaux de vie, etc) generally have a long shelf life (and, in some cases, can beextended if extreme measures are strictly observed); Best if / when consumed within 1-2 months of receipt.


    Before Serving: An hour or 2 prior to consumption chill a stemmed glass [i.e. Cocktail (v-shaped) / Coupe (u-shaped)] that will hold at least 3-5 oz. (90-150 ml) in a refrigerator.


    To Serve: Give a pre-chilled Whee-ski mix a few solid shakes (to re-acquaint the ingredients without creating excess fizz); Pour 80-100 ml directly into the pre-chilled glass; Twist a lemon peel (to express its oils) over the drink and rub its skin onto the glass rim (for an extra citrus kick).


    For a softer Serve: To lower this cocktail's potency -- as well as its temperature, simply shake as above (or stir) but with some ice this time. (Keep in mind that this also slightly reduces flavor intensity). Strain the mix over new ice.



    250ML bottle make 2-3 cocktail servings. The best way to try a new cocktail on one's own -- then share the experience in the comforts of home.


    500ML bottle makes 5-6 cocktail servings. For follks who seize every opportunity they can to share (as well as those who prefer to always have a bit to spare) -- this bottle's (the one) for you… Whether you're expecting company or just having "Tea for One" RRR's complimentary Care Package is yours to use and further your fun.


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