Your friendly neighbourhood cocktail bar. Friends & family, welcome to Run Rabbit Run. 



Down The Rabbit Hole


The 'Run Rabbit Run' experience is based on more than just ridiculously good cocktails. Listen to curated playlists by our team. See art exhibited on the walls by both established and emerging artists. Get taken care of by an eclectic group of passionate individuals who love what they do.

Run Rabbit Run is all about a sensory overload and giving our guests something they just can't help but keep coming back for.



The Dream Created.



A quintessentially exotic take on classic and modern cocktails, the trademark Run Rabbit Run taste is a carefully blended mix of freshness, spice, heat and exotic herbs and an obsessive need to perfectly balance all of these elements.

Nestled in the hidden outskirts of Poblacion, Run Rabbit Run invites you into a wonderland of greenery. Housed in the beautiful, historic and family oriented building on the corner of P. Guanzon and P. Burgos street in Poblacion. After being a residential house for the past 40 years, it is a space we are excited to breath life back into.



Longevity, Awaits.


Run Rabbit Run lives by the philosophy that eating and drinking should be fun and relaxing much like our way of life. We're all about stimulating a sensory overload that our guests just can't help but come back for. 

Run Rabbit Run is opened from Tuesday to Wednesday - 1800hrs to 0100hrs and Thursday to Saturday - 1800hrs to 0300hrs.