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Bunny's Hard Seltzer
  • Bunny's Hard Seltzer

    A refreshing way to cool off from the heat


    Say hello to Bunny’s Hard Seltzer: our crisp, light and effervescent cocktail that can be enjoyed whenever and wherever. As a pre-lunch refresher by the beach? Sounds good. A happy hour companion while lounging poolside? Hard to beat. Offered in a range of tropical flavours that will make you feel like it’s summer year-round, there’s a Bunny’s Hard Seltzer for everyone.


    INGREDIENTS: Absolut Premium Vodka, Fruit Liqueur and a whole lot of love


    INSTRUCTIONS: Pour 50ml of the cocktail concentrate into a tall glass such as a highball glass, then mix with 100ml of premium soda water. Give it a little stir, add ice and garnish the drink.



    A 250 ml bottle with 2 premium soda waters makes 4-5 highballs



    Drink garnish

    Our famous RRR coasters

    Limited edition stickers

    A personalised note

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